A Leader's Guide to Navigating VUCA

VUCA = Volatility + Uncertainty + Complexity + Ambiguity

Life as a leader is surrounded by VUCA. In this leadership eBook, discover specific things you can do to develop and increase your capacity to navigate change and VUCA times — and thrive as a leader, team, and organization.

Inside you will find:

  • A quick background on VUCA environments
  • A brief overview of leadership competencies you’ll need to succeed amid chaos
  • The 5C Framework for Leaders in VUCA Times, with a sample of the research that supports each of the five pillars
  • Reflections, worksheets, and practices to begin exploring the five pillars of the framework on your own
leadership ebook

About the Author

Melissa About_smaller

About the Author

Melissa Eisler is an ICF Certified executive coach, author, and Partner at Evolution. She is passionate about supporting senior leaders by being their strategic, dependable thought partner to navigate their toughest leadership challenges.

She blends more than 15 years of experience in leadership positions in the corporate world, with a master’s degree in organizational leadership and extensive background in mindfulness to help her clients through challenges and change.

A must-read leadership ebook if you are leading a team during a difficult time

“I read this book nine months into the pandemic, and I wish I had read it earlier. The reflections really gave me a sense of what was negatively impacting me as a leader, and how to move myself and my organization forward and through the pandemic in a different way. Several folks on my team even noticed a shift in my management style, and said how they have appreciated this new side of me. A short but transformative read. Pillar #2 was my favorite, and the exercises were where I learned the most.”


leadership ebook

This 77-page leadership eBook is packed with practices, reflections, worksheets, and research to make you a stronger leader in times of change and challenge.

Available in PDF format.