Words cannot express how wonderful Melissa is to work with

“Words cannot express how wonderful Melissa is to work with! Melissa has helped me gain insight on what I really want to do as I progress in my career and helped me develop skills that I need as a business owner and leader. Before Melissa began her coaching career, I reported directly to her for 4 years at the Active Network where she challenged and pushed me to gain confidence, think outside the box, and fine-tune my skills. Her management style motivated me to hone my skills and work my way up in the company. When I found out that Melissa was transitioning into leadership coaching, I immediately reached out to her. Melissa helped me get clear on the steps I needed to take in order to take my business to the next level, and we worked on developing my motivation, morning routine, and confidence, which were holding me back in my career. She is not afraid to push you and help you achieve success. Melissa held me accountable and helped me see the positive in areas that I was once scared of in my career. I’m on a better path now, and I’ll partner with Melissa again. Working with her has been such a wonderful impact on my life, both professionally and personally.”