Infographic: How to Reduce Workplace Stress

workplace_stressHow often do you find yourself stressed out because of work? Statistically speaking, it’s likely that your answer is often. The American Institute of Stress cites job pressure – whether co-worker tension, bosses, or work overload – as by far the number one source of stress in America. Their study also found that 77 percent of the population regularly experiences physical symptoms caused by stress.

These widespread stress-related issues cost employers $300 billion a year. This means that stress is not just a problem for employees, but a giant, expensive hurdle employers must overcome as well. 

Why Is Workplace Stress Getting Out of Hand?

The modern workplace has you tied to work no matter where you are. While technology has certainly increased efficiency and freedom, expectations of being available 24/7 blur the ever-so-important lines between work and personal time. Thirty five percent of people cite their jobs as an interference with their family or personal time as a significant source of stress. As the workforce shifts to an increasing number of people working remote and freelancing, the challenge of blurred boundaries becomes even more of a challenge. 

How to Reduce Workplace Stress?

Working long hours and being passionate about what you do does not have to correlate to workplace stress. If you find yourself stressed at work to the point that it’s affecting your personal life, take heed. The following tips and infographic will give you some motivation to put yourself first for the sake of your sanity, well-being, and the quality of your work.

1. Set Boundaries

You don’t have to be available 24 hours a day. Setting work-life boundaries (and sticking to them) is one of many ways to reduce workplace stress and protect your time. Not only that, but when you have clear boundaries and time away from work to reset, you will also boost your productivity and performance at work. It’s a win-win! 

2. Develop Healthy Stress Responses

Instead of turning to fast food, alcohol, or other unhealthy options, learn a new recipe, try a yoga class, or learn other ways you can react to stress in a healthy way.

3. Set Clear and Realistic Goals and Expectations

Work with your manager to set specific goals so you have a benchmark for success. Make sure those goals are attainable so you don’t consistently fall short (which can lead to more workplace stress.) 

4. Continue Learning

Whether it’s on-the-job skills or an unrelated hobby, make time to learn something new.

5. Use Your Paid Time Off

When was the last time you took a vacation? Take some time off, even if it’s a staycation. Half of Americans don’t even use all of their PTO.

6. Take Breaks

Taking breaks replenishes mental resources and boosts creativity, resulting in more “aha” moments.

7. Adopt a Pet

Pets are great for stress relief, especially when they’re allowed in the office!

8. Celebrate Success

When you reach a goal or score a win, don’t forget to celebrate, even in a small way, for the progress you made. 

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Melissa Eisler

Melissa Eisler, MA, PCC, is an ICF certified executive coach. She partners with leaders to develop their systems thinking, resilience, strategic communication skills, and executive presence in order to reach individual, team, and organizational goals. She blends more than 15 years of experience in leadership positions in the corporate world, with her master’s degree in organizational leadership and extensive background in mindfulness to help her clients master their leadership skills and steer their teams through challenges and change. Learn more about Melissa here.


  1. Stephanie Kelley on March 11, 2019 at 12:45 am

    Awesome infographic! Next to adopting a pet, taking a break every once in a while is really the best solution for all kinds of stress.

    In this society where overworking is not something new. However, you can only excel in what you do if you take care of yourself first.

    Remember the reason why you work. Your work to have a good life so make sure you’re getting the right result. Keep it balanced!

  2. Abacasys Corporation on February 1, 2021 at 10:24 am

    Great share Melissa… Amazing infographic to reduce stress from daily routine.

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